Stroopwafels in Korea

August 17, 2012 Maruchan No comments exist

August 17th, 2012

Hi Phoenix,

Don’t worry… As long as you don’t open a shop in Kobe

This recipe looks horrible. Too many ingredients…
I don’t understand half of the ingredients, but Fructose is extremely sweet, so better leave it out for the Korean Market.
Malado: I’ve got no idea what that is.
Do you have a brix measuring device? I saw one at Setah, when I was there this year. Perhaps, I should buy one.
I would suggest stick to butter.
We use gelatin as emulsifier. Perhaps I should do some tests with lecithin. Does it have any taste?
Soy Powder has a very strong chemical taste. I wouldn’t use it too much. When our stroop is too liquid, we simply add more sugar.



On 12/6/11 11:53, DAEWOO, NOH wrote:

Hi marco,
Thanks for your replying. I guess you cant imagine how happy i am because you answered for me.
I thought lots of things like “Wasn’t I so rude to him?” and “Am I intrupting him?” after sending mail,
and If I were you who got this kind of mail from somebody,
I would feel weird about the people who sent me a mail.
I know that recipe is one of the biggest part in the business,
so It is possible, you think like ‘Why should I help him? It is his business, not mine’
but, please dont think I am so impolite. I would like to be a good business friend between Japan and Korea
I hope I am not giving you any pressure, inconvenience.  but mustbe I am doing… so sorry Marco.
Here is my recipes, when you have free time please look over below thing
I would be really happy when you answer about this.
I hope we can see together soon and
When I am there, definitely I’ll be so gald to buy some dringkings for you!!
the best regards
from Phoenix
*Syrup recipe*
Phase 1
In a mixing bowl and constantly stirring
Glucose Fructose 1kg(80%/20%) mix with a bit melado
(try it, it gives color and a sweet taste, so the amount is personal)
Heat to 70 degrees
Phase 2
Add 500gr fine sugar (or castor sugar) and cook to 110 degrees celsius
(to a dry matter of 87%, also called 87% brix)
Phase 3
Add :
360 grams of butter or margerine (butter gives a better taste)
10 grams of lecythine (is a emulsifier)
10 grams of cinnamon or vanille
10 grams salt
Let it cool down to a processing temperature of 70 degrees.
If the syrup is to thin (liquid) add a little milkpowder or soja powder.
2011/12/6 Marco Bos

Hi Phoenix,

Great to hear from you. Sure, I can help you with your caramel. Let me sit down to respond to it later.

Talk to you soon.



On 12/6/11 1:13, Daewoo, Noh wrote:

これは からのお問合せメールです:
Daewoo, Noh

Dear Marco Bos.

Hi. My name is Daewoo, Noh.(please just call me ‘Phoenix’)I am president of Stroopwafel company in Korea(, (‘Original Dutch Stroopwafel’ on Facebook)I have heard about you from ‘Jan Valstar’ staying in Korea. He is friend of my business partner dutch guy(Inamr).and when I heard what you are doing in Japan, I was really impressed and surprised. even more!! when I watch videos on you web site. it was really awesome!!, and I am so glad to contact you!

I’ve lived in Den haag for a exchange student semester. At that time, I felt in love with stroopwafel when I lived there, I decided to bring fresh stroopwafel in Korea. so I bought a machine and recipe from Setah Solution company. and then I’ve been doing my own business with stroopwafel in Korea since this february.

Actually I couldn’t make my business really successful, but I’ve got some steps. now we are supplying stroopwafel five of coffee shops and chocolate company( because I dont have own shop, just I have a factory small one. and I am selling stroopwafel by website and mail and Phone. and just I’ve been sending stroopwafels to customer. It is kind of OEM oder system. because you know If I got the shop from the beggining, I would need to pay a lot of money in Seoul. so I wanted to have a period to research market. and It’s 8th months from the beggining. It is going good but I’ve got a problem. I make caramel by recipe(exactly what written on paper) but it doesnt make same taste like what I aet in the Netherlands. so I’ve gotten depressed. I tried so many different ways. I changed margarine, melado, sugar, cinnamon, and banille as well but, I can;t find good solutions. The biggest problem is too sweet taste… Korean people doesnt like so sweet taste but controling glucose and fructose doesnt work.

Mr. Bos. It’s my first business in my life and I am doing my best. but I really need somebody’s help to fix this problem. If it is posibble I want to visit your shop and I want to get a comments or recommadation.

Seriously, If I can’t find the solution, I should stop selling stroopwafel in Korea. because I can’t sell my stroopwafel with saying that It is Original Dutch Stroopwafel! If you help me a little bit, I will try to help you as you want

Thus, I want to ask you below things

1. I think I should try your stroopwafel, but it is a little far from Korea so, Can I order stroopwafel in Korea by post before I visit your shop??

2. If it is possible, Can I get you Email address?? I would send you my recipe. so after you check the recipe please leave me a some comments or opinion.

That’s all I want to question you~
so I hope you answer for me.
All the best Mr. bos

the best regards
> From Phoenix(Daewoo, Noh)

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