They are starting to look like stroopwafels

April 24, 2009 Maruchan No comments exist

Friday, April 24th, 2009

From our previous experience, I reduced the amount of butter and increased the amount of milk. I tried to use bread flour instead of normal flour that is usually sold in the shops. I have no clue what is the difference, but found out through this experiment and feedback from the tasters.

I used 6dl of milk, but since I didn”t have any milk at home, I used cream. When I calculated the price, the cream, instead of milk, adds ¥33 to 10 cookies. So using cream instead of milk is not a commercial option.

This time I used a lot more cinamon, so that the color of our dough was nice and tanned.  The smell of the cinamon is also much stronger and enticing when baking the waffles. So this was definitely a move in the right direction.

I added the left over cooky crumbs from last batch, so they don”t go to waste

The dough was easy to bake, it was all puffed up when it came out of the waffle maker, which means that it was very easy to split. I had to make sure that I flattened it as soon as it came out, otherwise the shape would cool down and remain bulged up.

The syrup we used today was very liquid, so my working blade became a bit sticky and I had to wipe it a few times. The temperature was obviously too high, so I have to make sure that I don”t keep the syrup on the fire, but just warm it up occasionally when the syrup gets to solid.

The waffles that were done, were leaking syrup on all sides, so I need to find a way to either make the syrup less runny or fill the stroopwafel only in the middle and press a bit to spread it just enough not to reach the brim of the cookie.

Conclusion: I used bread flour for this recipe, and more milk than in the previous recipe. The result is that it is easy to bake and puffs up but probably the downside is that the resulting cookie is more dense and chewy, rather than crumbly. So my next experiment, we go back to normal baking flour. Due to the high price of butter, I am not really looking forward to increase the ratio of the butter. Currently 50% of the price of the cookie is the butter price.’

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