The stolen Stroopwafels

February 6, 2011 Maruchan No comments exist

Too busy to update this blog regularly…

We are now shipping stroopwafels all over Japan. Our Internet Business is picking up by the day and several orders come in every day. Recently we had an order from a customer and we shipped it out accordingly.

A few days later, the customer contacted us, that she had not received the stroopwafels. We traced the packet and the post office confirmed that the parcel had been delivered at the mailbox. There were specific instructions to put it in the mailbox, even if the person was not at home.

Upon confirmation we contacted the customer and she told us the complete story. The mailbox was equipped with a special device where you can see when mail is delivered. The device did not alert any receiving mail, but when we confirmed delivery, she tried to open the mailbox. Apparently the mailbox had been hacked and she could not open the mailbox anymore. She contacted the mailbox company and they came to open the mailbox. It was empty…

So, apparently the stroopwafels were stolen. We are now investigating the possibility to send the stroopwafels with theft insurance.

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