Cookie crumb solution

May 13, 2009 Maruchan No comments exist

My last experiment of turning the left over waffle crumbs into new stroopwafels was not much of a success. The resulting stoopwafels tasted alright, but the dough was too crumby to process and make decent stroopwafels.

I usually have between 6% and 10% cookie crumbs in weight, which are cut off when I use the round cutter. So, I decided to recycle these  left over crumbs directly into the next batch of stroopwafels. I first grind the crumbs into the blender and use the crumbs as a replacement of the flour content. I reduce the sugar content slightly.

The result was quite positive. There was a slight difference in the dough baking process. The stroopwafels were a bit more crumby than a straight dough without crumbs. However, the resulting stroopwafels were as good as the normal waffles. So from now on I safely recycle my cookie crumbs into the next batch.

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